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The Captain John Collins Chapter's Speakers Bureau was established in early 2003. Its purpose is to act as the public relations arm of the chapter to expand the knowledge of the community about Historical, Educational and Patriotic goals of the Sons of the American Revolution. A major effort is made to educate children about our country's past so they are aware of the sacrifices our forefathers made to free the people from the bondage of the British Empire and establish this new nation, The United States of America.

Speakers are provided to classroom, genealogical, historical societies, Rotary, Masonic Lodges and other community service groups. Some speakers wear Revolutionary War Uniforms or period clothing.

Over the months the Speakers Bureau has developed presentations on many subjects. These presentations have different lengths so they can fit in with the time allocated.

Members of the Speakers Bureau include: Former Presidents of the Captain John Collins Chapter: Wayne Brown, Jim Castle, Larry Guzy, Curtis McWaters,  and other members as needed.

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